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When one goes onto a news website or blog, what they will typically find is a very shallow treatment of the issues of the day. There is a lower limit that one needs to hit before properly being monitored by Google and Bing services, and after one hits that mark (typically 300 words), they stop. What results is an entire readership that only knows the skeleton of an issue rather than having any sort of depth or insight about the issues and players involved. Zion Antoni has looked back to the early days of the American treatise, building off the work of the Federalists and incendiary tracts like Common Sense.

Power of Attorney P. II is Zion’s latest work, speaking more to the overarching philosophy of America. This is not only what is being discussed in the courts of law, but what the average citizen experiences when they go out onto the streets and interactive with those in their neighborhood. In providing this deep discussion, Zion is able to provide knowledge to those reading. I have not read an article in the last five years that has attempted to discuss mores or concerns of the diaspora. There is much discussion that is made about scholars being locked up in an Ivory Tower and reading into dusty tomes, but the information that Zion has is discussed in an easy to understand fashion. This means that those that may not have a college or high school degree can enter into the discourse and make for a much more active civic sphere. It is essential for the rank and file to understand the forces and actions that are working for and against them, and by providing the early inkling of the massive system in play, Zion is doing his civic duty to enlighten and inform.-