Peace. below is an short post(comment) from a woman, alias “diva”, who came through to my “No Prisons” 2009 web series several days ago. She posted this under an article i wrote about a friend, Greg Yance of Chicago, for which a HBO movie was produced on his life in 1997.  I took time to read it, and the honesty and the realness of her struggle motivated me to move it among my grassroots base, and audience.  Reading “divas” comment showed a real picture of economic struggle, and stability, safety, and progression when the odds are stacked. For a better future go hard to plant seed. Sa lute. –


“I did 4 years in Lincoln correctional. Center for not snitching on someone. Since I didn’t tell the police where to find the Guy from my neighborhood out of fear for my own life and the children in my family who still went to school in that neighborhood. .after my release I moved to Kentucky thinking that I can get away from my background because no matter how hard I looked no one would give me a job in Chicago. I got on the bus my first day out of prison I was tired of going back to the same neighborhoods of my city and forced back on the corners to provide for myself all because no one wanted to hire me cuz of my background. I found a job n Kentucky at day labor as a Temp. Worked hard 19 20 hr days at faurecia exhaust the temp agency even made me Supervisor over the other temps…after 2 years oftemp agencies and day labors giving me work whenever businesses ordered workers with my pay going up and down nothing steady or permanent. I lost my place and my vehicle and still no one would hire me because of my background..faurecia called the day labor for workers again this past winter the day labor sent me back becauthese of course I knew the job but of course I had to start all over from the lowest pay grade. Homeless I slept in the cafeteria at the job and took whatever. Shift I could but still couldn’t afford a place after a month so since everyone knew me I I went te HR managers son and told him I applied at the staffing agency the company hires thru but they refuse to send me anywhere. Because of my background. I also explained the instability of day labor and temp jobs has caused me to b homeless and unable to afford a place. He encourage me to go to the hr office and talk to his mother and explain it all to her he said she would understand and send me back to the agency and request me … when I did as he told me and walked into the hr office and pleaded. My case his mother said ur the best worker we’ve ever had its been times I left and came back the next morning and u have been here still working but unfortunately because u have a background we cannot hire you no matter how hard you work no matter how good of a worker u are. U can finish out the week but u may not return with the rest of the temps if we ever call for them again. I have been applying to jobs since I moved here in Sept of 2010 and everywhere I go I’m being denied because of mistake I made not telling on sumone ..its crazy I fought that case a entire year because I just didn’t believe they could put sumone else’s crime on me with no evidence but I learned the hardest the crooked cops can do whatever they please. After Obama’s second chance jobs still didn’t honor it so I got on the whitehouse web site and sent a email explainin what all happened to me and ask how am I suppose to stay out of trouble if no one will hire me…they sent me a email talkin bout welfare for single mother’s and bunch of other bullshit that had nothing to do with what I emailed them about.. of course I went back to the street because I was tired of being hungry and sleeping n the park cold.. I am now fighting another case away from home in another state …I really don’t care if they lock me up forever because I can’t win rather I try or not…I watched first time felon a dozen times when it first came out and back then I was young so I didn’t really understand .. but lord knows I do now because its been years since that shit happened to him and the world still ain’t changed…I hate this world…my family disowned me for not telling on dude even though I did it so his goons or his brothers wouldn’t harm them or their kids…”







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